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Q:  How is this therapy different from a Laser?

A: Laser can indeed burn and evaporate the top layer of skin, which can thin the epidermis, this can lead to all sorts of complications, as it is not often predictable, scarring or hyper/hypo pigmentation can occur.

 Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy/Collagen Induction Therapy (r) leaves a plumper appearance to the skin with minimal risks or down time, results are quick and even long term!

Q:  How long is a treatment session and is it painful?

A:  A typical treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes. In this amount of time we can usually perform work on your full face.  During the session you will feel a therapeutic sensation, its not that uncomfortable.

Q:  What is the down Time?

A:  This depends of the type of treatment you are going for.  Most treatments are non aggressive and you can resume normal activities within 24 hours.  Please note this all depends on the type of treatment, as results vary. 

Q:  What will my skin Look like afterwards?  

A:  This all depends of the treatment.  Traditionally your skin will be pink and flushed, again depending of treatment.

Q:  Can this treatment be used to treat hyper pigmented skin or hypo skin conditions?

A:  Depending on the issue at hand, or concern, there is a protocol for treating these conditions with great care.  Protocols must be followed for the best results.

Q:  How does this help with stretchmarks?

A:  This is very simple.  We cause a superficial injury to the skin in the area of concern.  The bodies natural response to wound healing, is to remodel the area.  Therefore stretch marks look less depressed and more blended into the normalized tissue.

Q:  How many sessions will I need to see results?

A:  It really varies, some skin is more responsive than others, to maximize the benefits a series should be done.

Q:  Can I do this anywhere on my body that needs some rejuvenation?

A:  This service can be done anywhere on the body that concerns the client.

Q:  Is there a age limit on who can receive this therapy?

A:  There is no age limit, however the healthier you are, the better the results naturally will be.

Q:  Is this service great for acne scars and pitting?

A:  The results for acne scars and pitting is very remarkable indeed, multiple sessions are best to maximize the results.