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I had a scar on my face since I was 19 years old that made me extremely self-conscious, I have received Skin Needling 5 times and now you can barely tell that I ever had a scar! The scar has improved drastically by 80-90%. In the last 6 months I had a baby, and had severe stretch marks across my stomach, as many mothers may have experienced, since receiving one session of the Skin Needling, with Pamela, I have noticed the stretch marks have lightened and started to fill in. Pamela has been personally mentored by one of the worlds experts in the field of permanent cosmetics, Susan Church. I received upper eyeliner by Pamela about a year and half ago, and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. With such a busy schedule on a daily basis I never had time for make-up, now I have no need! The preciseness of the liner is amazing! Pamela has also tattooed a very intricate mechanical piece on my husbands sons shoulder blade, the shading was phenomenal. Did I mention she free-handed the piece?  I have been a licensed esthetician for 9 years and I have never met anyone like Pamela, who has amazed me with her skills, professionalism, permanent make-up, and her dedication to skin care. I would recommend Pamela and Susan Church to anyone and her prices are very reasonable. Thank you Pam, for doing what you do best

Anna Marie M.  Avondale

I had always felt a bit self conscious about my acne scarring and a sunspot on my face. I was always caking on makeup to cover my scars and dark spots on my face. But then I met Pamela Abshear.  She is absolutely phenomenal at what she does. I had never heard of skin needling before, and to be honest, I was a little bit nervous about it. But to my surprise, I found the treatment to be relatively painless. She is completely professional and explained how the treatment works, what to expect, and made me feel completely at ease. She first did an eyeliner tattoo on me which I absolutely loved and would do again. She also did my lip liner. I was really impressed with that. She filled in areas around my lips where there was no pigment. It made my lips looked very full and flawless. And then we got to talking about my skin and she was telling me how she can help me get rid of the scarring on my face and also get rid of the dark spots on my skin, to make my skin look more even.  I have had 6 procedures done and my skin is 90 percent better. I am amazed with the results and looking forward to doing more. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone that has any kind of scarring, dark spots or wrinkles. I have to say, I am absolutely in love with the way my skin has been looking. I feel that my confidence has been boosted and now I don't have to cake on the makeup like I used to. I am truly thankful for being introduced to Pamela and Susan and the fine art of collagen rejuvenation therapy !

 Wanda M.  Phoenix AZ